It’s a strange custom to characterize the time spent between satisfying obligations as being killed. It is by definition time available to do whatever you want. Between obligations yesterday I went to the flats between Maysville and Everett. I had time to do nothing, so I went nowhere. It was great! Birds, riverfront esplanades, recommissioned train bridges.

We need more time to do nothing, we need to take back some of that time we do have from television, and we need to rebrand that time, give it a little PR boost. If you get to do whatever you want you’re indulging right? You eat dinner, you indulge in dessert. If your time doesn’t belong to anyone else, you shouldn’t kill it, you should indulge in it.

Is it the time you give to obligations that is killed? You sacrifice it to work, not enjoying it, not remembering it, and maybe it is when you don’t remember time that it actually dies. Though that suggests all jobs are soul sucking wastes of time, outside of paying the bills, and that isn’t true. At any rate, if time is being murdered it’s not by a walk in the park on a pleasant Saturday afternoon.

Sermon’s over, go indulge in some time.

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