Eat the rich.

I own this website strictly for the fact that I like to write stuff, and I enjoy having a place to put the random stuff I feel like writing that doesn’t have blogger or wordpress in the web address. It’s frivolous really, I am spending money on something that generates no income for me. I do advertise my availability for weddings, but even for those I have a hard time asking people for money, I’d much prefer a trade, or simply a thank you.

The fact is, I am not particularly interested in making money. Here’s proof, I am a public school teacher. I have kids, and a wife, and so I appreciate the ability to put food on the table, but the vast accumulation of wealth is of no interest to me whatsoever. If I ever came into massive amounts of money, I would feel obligated to give most of it away.

I am not bragging. I did not train myself to feel this way. It is not the result of years of meditating on the meaninglessness of material gain. I just am this way. I can no more brag about this aspect of my personality than I could brag about the length of my nose, or the color of my hair.

I try to remember that fact when I think about the evil villain like wealth of so many people in the world. I used to live near Seattle, where people like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates live. They have enough money to save every acre of Bornean rainforest, and thereby save the orangutans permanently, and never even notice it was gone. They could feed everyone in the world for years, and still leave behind a fortune that will ensure their great, great, great, great, great grandchildren would never be burdened by a mortgage or a student loan. They don’t though. They do some stuff, Gates in particular, but to a massive extent, they keep their money. Why? What the hell do they need it for?

People don’t really understand what it means to have 100 billion dollars, I don’t think. Imagine having a 100 millions dollar bill. You could do just about anything you wanted for the rest of your life. Hell, just stick it in the bank and live off of the $2,000,000 a year in interest it would generate. To have 1 billion dollars, is to have ten 100 million dollar bills. That’s insane! That is an insane amount of money for a person to have! You could already do whatever you wanted with one of those bills, the other nine don’t even matter.

100 billion dollars, is to have one hundred 100 million dollar bills. People are literally starving to death all around you, children in Michigan are drinking poisonous water, the planet is on the verge of collapse, and there you sit with enough money that if it were a stack of dollar bills, it would be three times higher than the International Space Station.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I already wrote about this. There shouldn’t be billionaires, capitalism is fucking terrible. Why am I repeating myself? Because it bears repeating. I actually meant to write this whole post about the president and how he is proof that reality is not a computer simulation, but just the Saturday morning cartoons of some far superior alien species who find the entirely preposterous concept of having an absolute fucking moron, a known rapist, an obvious racist, and a complete failure in everything he has ever attempted, put in charge of a country, after losing the election by millions of votes, hilarious.

There is a reason, though, that he has any support at all. People of his kind have forever used social issues to distract the masses, while allowing billionaires to make even more billions of dollars. The very people suffering the most from his policies are his mist strident defenders, because they have been fooled into thinking that a person being gay, or born in a different country, or practicing a different religion, is a problem for them. They are convinced, somehow, that their personal problems do not stem from the fact they are paid poverty wages, and that they pay more for healthcare than in any other industrialized nation, and that they pay far more in taxes than the billionaires they worship. Instead, they are assured it is because of immigrants, homosexuals, and Muslims.

The only reason for this slander is to help people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos acquire more and more wealth. That’s it, that’s all, there is nothing else to it. I feel lucky to not have the psychosis that they suffer from, the pathological desire to hoard away money like a squirrel hoards nuts, but I am also lucky enough to have what I need to live a comfortable life. Even as the sole income earner in my household of four, living off of a public school teacher wages, I still have enough to give a little money to people who need it more than me. I cannot, however, change the world with the contents of my bank account. We ought to insist that those who can, do.

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