Eat the rich.

I own this website strictly for the fact that I like to write stuff, and I enjoy having a place to put the random stuff I feel like writing that doesn’t have blogger or wordpress in the web address. It’s frivolous really, I am spending money on something that generates no income for me. I … More Eat the rich.

What’s Up With There Not Being Any Valentine’s Day Songs?

Yesterday was Christmas, in case you missed that. I think the idea that there is a war on Christmas is funny, it is literally everywhere. If you’re a Christian, the problem isn’t people abandoning Christmas, it’s too many people embracing it, enjoying the traditions without any regard to the religious aspect. Christmas is turning Halloween, … More What’s Up With There Not Being Any Valentine’s Day Songs?


You might be interested to know I time travelled here from the year 1984. It was easy, I did it one year at a time. I know what it would take to get back too, but I don’t know how to do it. All it would take is reversing all of the physical processes long … More Telechronology

On Veterans

The argument can be stated as such. If you are willing to risk your life for a worthy cause, then you ought to be recognized by others for doing so. Enlisting in the military is risking your life. The military exists to defend a nation. The defense of a nation is a worthy cause. So … More On Veterans

Holy Shit!

I would like to lay out an argument. If curse words are intrinsically harmful then they should not be allowed to be said in certain situations. Nothing can be intrinsically harmful because of arbitrary reasons. If curse words are intrinsically harmful then it is because of arbitrary reasons. So, curse words are not intrinsically harmful. … More Holy Shit!